Boost your metabolism

Ways to rev up your Metabolism

Build muscle

Sound NutritionYou can increase muscle mass by adding resistance training to your workout. Try lifting weights, using dumbbells, using dynabands or body weight. These exercises will not only improve your metabolism, but also tone and define your body and improve body strength.

Include Cardiovascular Exercise

Do some sort of aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging or swimming at least once/twice a week, for a minimum of 30 minutes. Metabolic rates can increase up to 25% after a vigorous aerobic workout. This form of exercise will also help improve the digestive system and decrease levels of body fat.

Resist yo-yo dieting

Do you repeatedly start a diet and give it up after a while – only to regain weight a few months later? When you starve yourself frequently, the body becomes better at conserving calories – a strategy meant to keep you going in times of deprivation. Instead commit to eating regular, well-balanced meals.

Eat slowly and sensibly

The faster you eat, the more you consume. This results in increased storage of fat. Eat slowly, sensibly and at regular intervals foods that are low in fat to increase your metabolism and to digest your food better.

Lead an active life

Sound NutritionKeep your mind and body active to avoid lethargy from setting into your routine. Nothing is worse than that for slowing down the metabolic rate.

Remember, it is possible to jump-start your metabolism and kick it into a higher gear. Just eat wisely, exercise regularly and keep your mind and body active.