Yoga Pilates
What is Yoga Pilates?

Yoga Pilates is a workout regime that integrates yoga asanas and Pilates exercises. Elements from the two different disciplines are incorporated to create a complementary and yet distinct style of working out. Taking the best from both methods, this unique exercise form combines core-training, the fundamental concept behind Pilates with the versatility of yoga postures.

Yoga Pilates can be developed to cater to individual needs and goals. There are innumerable styles and combinations, from rehabilitative Yoga Pilates to dynamic Yoga Pilates, to Yoga Pilates on a ball.

How did it start?

hich creatively put the two schools of thought together to create an effective exercise routine.

The potential similarities yet diverse styles of Eastern and Western philosophy create an interesting workout blend. For example, practising Pilates builds abdominal and back strength, while yoga enhances relaxation and improves balance and stability.

The principle behind it?

It is the ultimate mind-body routine for anyone who wants to tone, streamline and realign the body without the bulked-up results of more conventional workout methods. It is based on principles of concentration, breath awareness, body alignment and co-ordination.

How is it better than any other form of exercise?

This exercise routine shows you how to use the harmonizing and balancing poses of yoga to create physical and mental serenity, as well as the Pilates method of tapping into the body’s core-strength through muscle control.

Today, more and more people are looking for fitness programs that address not just the body but the mind too.

How does it work the muscles?

Through scientific, focused and precise movements that aim at developing strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Controlled repetitive actions are used to realign and re-educate the body. The emphasis is on strength, flexibility, good alignment and posture.

Any specific age group?

Age is no factor at all. This is a safe and effective exercise routine for all – from children to older adults. Besides, this routine can be tailored to meet fitness abilities, unique medical concerns and individual needs.

What is the specialty of Yoga Pilates?

This method of exercise is not an arduous technique that leaves you tired and sore. In fact, the training method is quite the opposite of most physical forms of exercise. This allows the movements to stretch your body as you work simultaneously on the strengthening elements. This method allows you to feel stress-free and invigorated while working out, because it focuses on using the strength as well as the suppleness inherent in the body.