Think healthy, not just skinny

MilkToday, millions across the globe starve their bodies, letting it breakdown because they are not thin enough and not perfect enough.

The headline of an article reads, “Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks”; a television show promises, “a sleek figure in 1 month” if certain powders and pills are consumed.
Why are we carried away by these sales gimmicks? Why is the word “food” becoming taboo? Why does an occasional indulgence lead to a feeling of guilt? Why do we over-exercise and burn ourselves out?
There are no easy answers.

What has led to this obsession?

The media, fashion and celebrities bombard us with the message that thin bodies are acceptable. We live in a thin obsessed world where skinny models and stars are idolized. Hollywood, Bollywood and the media demand an impossible standard of thinness, making us actually believe that in order to be attractive one needs to be skinny. We are fed image after image of “skinny” until we hate ourselves for not being like Calista, Jennifer, Kate or the model-like girl next door.

We know our “dream weight”, “acceptable weight”, “happy weight”, and “disappointed weight” – but are we being realistic?

The strive to be perfect

The mirror on the wall disappoints us, we are not able to be perfect – and we equate being perfect, with being “perfectly thin”. And, if that can’t be achieved we start to feel worthless. It then becomes an obsession – a dangerous one.

The truth

The truth is that we are real people, leading real lives. We are not a playing a role in the unreal, reel-like existence. It is important to break out of the clichéd mould and think of our well being, without being swayed by social pressure. If we strive to be skinny at the cost of our health, we will deplete our energy reserves and become susceptible to illness and disease.

The action

We need to set realistic goals to improve our health. The body needs sufficient calories and necessary nourishment to maintain good health. There is a big difference in being thin and being fit. We need to make sensible changes in our eating, exercising and lifestyle habits so that we are physically and mentally happy, energized and well.

The acceptance

We need to accept ourselves, today. Accepting does not mean rationalizing that overeating and leading a sedentary existence is okay. Acceptance simply means having peace of mind within ourselves along with the ability to make sensible changes that work for us.

Focus on quality existence

Why aspire to remodel ourselves to be somebody else? Instead, why not focus on living a wholesome and healthy life? We need to put our energy, emphasis and willpower into increasing the quality of our existence.

Goal 1: Stop self-destructive behavior.
Goal 2: Aspire to be healthy and fit.
Goal 3: Set realistic and reasonable goals.

  • Well being is not wishful thinking.
  • It is making small changes in our attitude, eating habits and daily routine.
  • It is a positive state of mind.
  • It is patience, and a balanced approach to life.
  • It is a realization – a knowing, that when we work towards this state, the rewards are ours forever.