Wellness at the work place

Imagine feeling tired first thing in the morning and dreading to go to work!
Or feeling stressed out just thinking of a long day at work with a particularly not so likeable colleague. According to the Ipsos-Reid study released in March 18, 2004 the main reasons why employees resort to absenteeism are: depression/anxiety/other mental health disorders, stress and co-worker conflict.

Further research has shown that employees benefit a lot if they make a conscious effort to become fit.

Fit employees are less likely to get sick and stressed and will be

  • More energetic and focused.
  • More confident, with the ability to inspire confidence
  • A team person with a good attitude.

Here are some simple exercises that you can do sitting at your work station. You can make the most of your lunch time.

These stretches will help reduce tension and relax the muscles.


  • Place left hand on the arm rest of your seat.
  • Keep your back straight, stretch upwards to the ceiling and over your head with the right arm
  • Feel the stretch in your right arm and the right side of your body.


  • Clasp both your hands behind the back.
  • Pull your hands away from you to stretch out the chest.
  • Hold for 15-30 seconds. Repeat.
Upper back, Neck and Shoulders


  • Clasp your hand in front of you, palms facing away.
  • Push away with your hands and lean slightly backward to stretch out the neck and shoulders.
  • Hold for 20 seconds.