D: Dates, Diabetes, Detoxification, Diet myths, De-stress

DatesDates are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and Vitamin C.

They are easily digested and provide the body with energy.

They are good for the stomach and heart and are nourishing as well as delicious.


What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder that disrupts glucose, protein and fat metabolism. It is typically characterized by high sugar levels. This is due to reduced insulin (a hormone) secretion by the pancreatic beta cells or reduced sensitivity to insulin.
Diabetics are at a greater risk for numerous health problems, including kidney failure, nerve disorders, eye problems and heart disease.

Effective Diabetic control

Regular blood sugar monitoring, proper diet, exercise and appropriate insulin medication are ways to effectively control diabetes.

Why exercise?

Exercise is important because it improves glucose regulation, reduces the risk for heart disease, cholesterol levels and excess weight. The timing of exercise, the amount of insulin injected and the injection site are important factors to consider before exercise.



Detoxification is an approach to life. It involves every aspect of your being - the physical, mental and emotional states. It is a process of self-cleansing, self-repairing and positive health.

There are several ways to detoxify - exercise, reiki, reflexology, massage, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation and a detox diet.

Detox and diet: what will this do?

You will feel lighter, rejuvenated and revitalized -- and when you feel and look good you will be less inclined to slip back into old ways.

You will be energized.
Mentally and physically you will be more alert and relaxed.
Your skin and complexion will improve.
You will kick-start your metabolism.

Erratic eating habits, smoking, high fat intake are all constituents of a toxic system.
The toxic build-up stresses the liver. Detox diets cleanse the system by eliminating harmful waste matter from the body and the digestive system gets rest that it needs to function efficiently.

When the body periodically undergoes periods of cleansing, it gets rid of accumulated toxins and waste matter which cause the body and mind to experience a “low” phase.

  • The body removes tissues and cells that are damaged, diseased or inferior resulting in elimination of metabolic wastes.
  • The liver acts as an “in-line” filter for removal of wastes from the blood.
  • The kidneys flush out toxins and the lungs remove carbon dioxide.

How to cleanse?

This is entirely up to you – there are endless options available. Work out an option that you are comfortable with. Fix any one-day in a week or month to detoxify.


  • Avoid meat, fat and sugar.
  • Consume only fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grains.
  • Consume only fruit juices, vegetable juices and soups.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, coffee and other stimulants.

Diet Myths: dispel them

Myth: Crash diets are the most effective way to lose weight

Although crash diets can result in large amounts of weight loss, it is muscle mass and water, not excess body fat that is lost. Problems associated with crash diets are electrolyte imbalances, anemia, calcium and iron deficiency. It is important to follow a sensible diet to safeguard your well-being and ensure that the lost pounds don’t come back on.

Myth: Large amounts of protein will increase muscle strength and size

Excess amounts of protein do not increase muscle strength or size. In fact, protein consumed in excess of what the body needs is converted to fat. Also, protein is acidic so your kidneys tap into your body’s calcium reserves to balance this acidity.

Myth: Vitamin supplements provide energy

The role of Vitamins is not to supply energy but to help release energy from foods. Excess supplementation can be harmful for the body and therefore supplementation should be based on individual requirements and must be prescribed by the doctor.

Myth: Avoid fruits as they contain loads of sugar

The sugar found in fruits is natural, encased in fiber and diluted with water. That is why they are easily assimilated and digested. Fruits provide nourishment and energy - they are a great source of fuel for the body.


Make a list of five simple activities that help you de-stress. These could be – reading a book, listening to music, swimming, meeting a friend or walking in the park. Everyday, decide to do something that relaxes you and makes you happy so that it becomes an integral part of your life.

  • Bottling up things is one of the worst things you can do because it causes a volatile build-up of negative emotions that may explode anytime.
  • View each stressful situation dispassionately.
  • Take a deep breath in and with your out breath imagine that you surrender that issue up to the universe, releasing it and freeing yourself from its burden.